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Greek Trips & Events

Extra-curricular activities are important for the Greek Department; we believe that participation in trips and other events can be extremely beneficial for our students, having an educational and social impact on them.

Every year our students attend assemblies on Greek National Celebrations (1st October, 28th October, 25th March). They have the opportunity to be part of the assemblies, either by performing a short play, or by reciting, or singing songs of specific periods of Greek and Cyprus history, or dancing traditional Greek and Cyprus dances.

25th March 2017


Some examples of events and plays that our students attended in the past:

  • Our Year 7 students watched the play ‘Trellandonis’ at the new ‘ΘΟΚ’ Theatre.
  • Our Year 9 students had the opportunity to watch at our School a very special production by Cyprus Theatrical Organization (ΘΟΚ), under the title ‘Landmine’ («Ναρκοπέδιο»); two girls, a Serbian and a Bosnian, who share a close friendship in former Yugoslavia of the 90s, see their lives affected by war, but their friendship may be stronger than conflict. Our Year 9s also visited the ancient theatre of Kourion. The location was chosen because of relation to their subject Ancient Greek from Translation, where they studied Euripides’ tragedy “Helen”.
  • All KS3 students watched a performance of the play ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery at the Strovolos Municipal Theatre.
  • ‘ΘΟΚ’ hosted a performance of the play ‘Romeo and Juliet for Two’ on the Senior School premises. An incredible performance! Our Year KS4 students who watched the play, left the Senior School Hall with the best impression!
  • All students have the opportunity every year to participate in the ‘Tsiknopempti’ event, which includes traditional games, music, dance and food.

Tsiknopempti 2017


Tsiknopempti 2015                                                                                       


Apart from events and trips organised in Cyprus, the Department organises trips to Greece, as well. For example, our KS5 students can participate in a course trip to Thessaloniki, birthplace and source of inspiration for George Ioannou, one of the authors they study to prepare for their A’ Level Greek Exam.

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