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Governors Profiles

Elena Kyriakides, Chair

Elena is a teacher trainer and a language and education consultant. She holds a BA in Education from the University of Cyprus, with postgraduate studies in Applied Linguistics (King’s College London). She wrote her PhD thesis on effective language teaching (UCL Institute of Education, University of London) and has worked as a primary school teacher in public schools and as a teacher trainer at the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus. She has also organised and participated in primary and secondary education in-service teacher training programmes as an external collaborator of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and has extensive experience as a language and education consultant in various research projects and for a number of private and public organisations, institutions and companies. Elena is a Senior School parent and her daughter Emily is in Y9.

Tina Pavlou, Vice-Chair, Chair of Senior School Committee

Tina is a family psychotherapist specialising in addictions. She holds a degree in Psychology and a postgraduate degree in Family Therapy. She has been the Clinical Director of the nationally largest drug rehabilitation organisation (Agia Skepi) for the past 21 years. She has been also running her own private practice since 2013. She has served as a board member of the Anti-Drug Council of Cyprus for five consecutive terms (2000-2015), working closely with a number of rehabilitation centres and contributing to the development of drug policies and budgeting initiatives on drug prevention. Since 2016 she is serving on the Parole Board of Cyprus, evaluating long term prisoners that are up for parole . Tina has been a mother at the Junior and Senior School since 2006, with her three girls in Y13, Y11 and Y7 and her son in Y5.

Angela Vidmar, Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee

Angela is a former corporate senior manager and international business director with extensive experience in development, management, and international communications. Angela has worked in a variety of capacities at Xerox Corporation, as Director of Globalisation at in New York, consultant and as Executive Director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (ABC) of Dubai and the Northern Emirates. A native of the U.S., Angela holds a double BA (High Hons) in International Relations and Spanish / Latin American Area Studies from The American University, Washington D.C., with graduate work at La Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru. She has been trained in learning disability remediation using the Slingerland multisensory approach as well as gifted education for twice exceptional students. Angela has served on a number of governance and parent school committees, both in Cyprus and abroad, while advising schools and higher education institutions throughout the MENA region. She is a Senior School mother to daughter Ava in Y10 and son Michael in Y7.

Tanya Zayat Christodoulides, Chair of Junior School Committee

Tanya has a background in psychology and education and experience in working at four private schools across the country, teaching Primary children (EY1-Year 5) and Volleyball to Secondary Students. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Cognitive Science from the University of Westminster (British Psychological Society Pathway) and a Diploma in Pre-School Practice.  She had created, managed and taught at her own kindergarten school in Nicosia, the Wishing Well Private English Nursery School, which was fully accredited. She has also served as a member of the Junior School PTA for two years.  She was proud to serve alongside the previous board last year, undergoing training in Governance Leadership-Building and maintaining an effective governance  body  and Designated Safeguarding Lead Training. Tanya is the mother of two girls at the Junior School, Niki in Y4 and Naya in EY3.

Jacovos Christofides, Secretary

Jacovos is an experienced strategy execution and organisational development consultant, facilitator and coach, who has worked in multi-cultural environments all over the world. He holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers University School of Engineering, and an MBA in Management of Innovation from Rutgers University Business School. He has held various positions in both industry and consulting. His experience includes telecoms, pharmaceutical, automotive, banking, energy, tobacco, FMCG and educational organisations.

He currently works in the Leadership Practice of BTS, where he engages with leadership teams in large MNE’s to design and deliver strategy driven leadership and management development solutions.  His focus is on strategy execution, leadership mind-set, organisational alignment, cross-functional, cross-departmental collaboration and innovation.  He serves on the boards of Peace Players Intl., a youth leadership through sport organisation, and Potenzia Del’Arte, a performing arts school. In the past he also served on the board of The NGO Support Centre, an NGO capacity building organisation.  Jacovos is the father of Natalie in Y7.

Nedie Antoniades, Vice-Secretary

Nedie has worked as an actress and producer in theatre, television and film in the US, Greece and Cyprus for over 25 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Emerson College.  Her most recent work has been as part of the core team behind the feminist theatre initiative Project SEASON Women, which aims to support, promote and provide a platform to the female narrative through theatre productions, discussions, workshops, lectures and performance-based events.  An alumna of the Junior and Senior School herself, Nedie is the mother of Vassilis in Y11 and Achilleas in Y6.

Charoulla Neocleous

Charoulla has a background in marketing and management and has extensive experience as an operations and training consultant. She holds a degree in Marketing Management from the University of Nicosia. She had worked for 14 years at McDonalds as an Operations Consultant and Head of Training Department. Since 2011 she is part of the Little Kickers global network of football coaching for young ages and is managing the Cyprus branch, with classes in Nicosia and Limassol. She has also served as a member of the Junior School PTA.  Charoulla is a Junior School mother, with her daughter Nikki in Y6 and her son Jason in Y2.

Yioula Melanthiou

Yioula is an Associate Professor at the School of Business of the University of Nicosia, where she is also the Head of the Department of Marketing and Director of Doctoral Programs in the School of Business. She holds a BA in Business Administration (Marketing Major), an MSc in Marketing (University of Salford, UK), and a PhD in Marketing (University of Manchester, UK). With extensive expertise in the areas of marketing, social media marketing and consumer behaviour, she is also a part time lecturer at the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK), and the Cyprus Police Academy (Cyprus). Moreover, she is a Chartered Marketer, a certified trainer of the Human Resource Development Authority (Cyprus), as well as an Expert Evaluator for the European Commission (for KA1, KA2, and Horizon 2020 programs). Prior to joining Academia, she has worked in the industry as a Research Executive, Research Account Manager, and Marketing Consultant. Yioula is a Junior School mother, with a daughter in Y2.

Andreas Constantinides

Andreas is corporate advisor and consultant with extensive background in economics. He graduated from the Department of Economics of the University of Warwick obtaining a degree in Economics and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). He was partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers Limited in Cyprus, specialised in the fields of Consumer Markets, Information Technology and Agricultural Industry with significant and active participation in the markets of Eastern Europe, Hungary, Ukraine, etc. He was also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Limited. In 2019, he founded Avantium Corporate Services Ltd, providing advisory and administration services. He is a member in various Committee Councils and has served as member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC). Andreas is a Senior School Parent, with a son in Y11.

Pascal Hagge

Pascal is currently the CEO of Primolex Management, a private multifamily office investing in property, fintech, and start-ups. He is a corporate and commercial banker by trade with extensive experience in the banking and finance industries, in Cyprus, Lebanon, France, Serbia and the EMEA region. He worked for 2 decades in various managerial positions at the Societe Generale Group, was an executive member of the management committee and head of business development at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC and from 2017 he held the position of Head Strategy, International Corporate Banking and Wealth division for the Cyprus Development Bank, before he joined Primolex as CEO beginning of 2020. He holds a BA degree with Honours in Management and Hospitality (University of Derby), an MBA in Strategic Management (Henley Business School, University of Reading) and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Management and Global Business from the Said Business School of the University of Oxford, of which he is also a member. Pascal is a Junior School parent and his son Stefano is in Y1.

Constantins Cantounas

Constantis is a lawyer and holds a law degree from the University of London. He has been practising law since 1993. Constantis is a non-company member governor.

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