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IGCSE Books (Year 10 & Year 11)

a) Economics
– Edexcel IGCSE Economics

Author: Rob Jones
Pearson Company
ISBN: 978-0-435991-28-9

b) Business Studies
– Edexcel IGCSE Business Studies

Author: Rob Jones
Pearson Company
ISBN: 978-0-435046-74-3

c) Accounting
– Edexcel IGCSE Accounting

Author: Sheila Robinson and Frank Wood
Pearson Company
ISBN: 978-0-435991-29-6

d) Travel and Tourism
– Career award in Travel & Tourism standard level

Ann Rowe, John D. Smith & Fiona Borein
ISBN: 978-0-521892-35-3

AS Level Books (Year 12)

a) Economics
– Edexcel AS Economics

Peter Smith
Phillip Allan Updates
ISBN: 978-0-340-94804-0

b) Accounting
– AS Level & A Level Accounting

Harold Randall
Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 978-0-521-53993-7

c) Business studies
– AQA Business Studies AS

Peter Stimpson, Steven Foden, Diane Mansell
Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 978-0-7487-9846-9

d) Travel & Tourism
-AS level for OCR Travel and Tourism

-Hilary Blackman, John D. Smith, Ann Rowe, Sue Steward
ISBN: 0-435-44641-x

A2 Level

a) Economics
Edexcel A2 Economics

Peter Smith
Philip Allan Updates
ISBN: 978-0-340-94926-9

b) Business Studies
AQA Business Studies A2

Peter Stimpson, Helen Coupland-Smith, Diane Mansell
Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 978-0-7487-9847-6

c) Travel and Tourism
A2 level for OCR Travel and Tourism

Anne Rowe, John D. Smith, Rosemary Demaine, Sue Steward, Fiona Warborton
ISBN: 978-0-435463-55-7

d) Accounting
A level Accounting, 3rd ed.

Harold Randall
Lett’s Educational, 1996
ISBN: 1858051622

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