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English Trips & Events

In our endeavours to encourage students to apply the knowledge, skills and understanding they have acquired, and to cultivate a love of literature, the English Department has planned the following events for this academic year.

  • Creative Writing Trip. November

The objective of this event is to encourage Y9 students to develop their creative writing skills by providing them with compelling learning opportunities outside the classroom. External stimuli will engage students, help develop their use of narrative and descriptive techniques, and encourage them to think more creatively.

  • Horror/Gothic Week . Week beginning 23rd November

The aim of the event is to encourage Y7 students to develop their awareness of the Horror/Gothic genre in literature. Students will be given the opportunity to develop their reading, writing and creative skills through a variety of exciting activities.

  • Journalism Week. Week beginning 23rd January

This event aims to enhance Y8 students’ understanding of the world of journalism. Students will have the opportunity to develop their skills in writing in this genre and to evaluate the use of the journalistic style in newspaper reports and articles. They will also be given opportunities to devise questions in preparation for a talk on journalism from a visiting speaker and to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of this genre.

  • KS3 Poetry Event. Week beginning 13th February

The general aim of the Poetry Event is to raise students’ awareness of poetry and the powerful impact this form of literature has on the reader. The event will also include a Poetry Writing Competition which will contribute not only towards developing students’ effective use of poetic devices but also to foster a healthy competitive spirit among students.

  • Shakespeare Focus Week. Week beginning 20th

Shakespeare is enjoyed in all Key Stages at the Senior School. The objectives of the event are to introduce younger students to the world of Shakespeare and his drama. Students will develop their awareness of Elizabethan society and their understanding of Shakespeare’s language through a variety of engaging activities. For older students this is an opportunity to share their wealth of knowledge and understanding of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry with their fellow students through challenging activities and opportunities to lead activities with younger students.

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