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English National Curriculum JS

In the English National Curriculum pupils study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, ICT and Science. In addition they also study the foundation subjects of History, Geography, PE, Music and Art. Through studying these subjects pupils acquire not only knowledge and understanding but develop skills and application.

All the subjects are organised into programmes of study across the year groups with specific learning objectives in each subject. Long term planning ensures all the programmes of study are covered throughout the year, leading to more detailed schemes of work which teachers use to plan their lessons.

History and Geography are taught as part of integrated topics which allow cross curricular links to be made. This makes the learning more meaningful and effective.

Pupils in Years 2 and Year 6 take the National Tests (Sats) at the end of the year. These are internally marked for Year 2 and externally marked for Year 6. The results are published on the website.

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