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English Key Stage 5

English Literature

English Literature is offered as an option at KS5. Students who select English Literature at AS/A2 follow the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus (9695). Students are assessed on their ability to give a personal, informed response to the three main forms of Literature: prose, drama and poetry. At A2 students also develop their skills of critical appreciation of unseen texts.

The aims of the English Literature course are to encourage:

  • An appreciation of, and an informed personal response to literature in English in a range of texts in different forms, and from different periods and cultures.
  • The interdependent skills of reading, analysis and communication.
  • Effective and appropriate communication.
  • Wider reading and an understanding of how it may contribute to personal development.

Students will be required to demonstrate:

  1. Ability to respond to texts in the three main forms (Prose, Poetry and Drama) of different types and from different cultures.
  2. An understanding of the ways in which writers’ choices of form, structure and language shape meanings.
  3. Ability to produce informed, independent opinions and judgements on literary texts.
  4. Ability to communicate clearly the knowledge, understanding and insight appropriate to literary study. (At A2 only)
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it