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Creative & Performing Arts Facilities & Resources


Drama lessons take place in two spacious studios. Blocks and frames allow a variety of set designs. There is a gallery for lighting and sound equipment; and storage for props and costumes.

Other equipment and resources include: Interactive Whiteboard, Overhead projector. Internet access and a rich play text library.

There is a charming, outdoor amphitheatre for fine weather productions and other spaces in the school, like the Assembly Hall and the Exam Hall, can be used for rehearsals, drama presentations and performances.


A large, light, airy, well equipped Art Studio with plenty of storage space, wide work benches and double sinks. Due to the growing number of students interested in taking art at GCSE and GCE level we have also had to expand our work space. An additional space has been added to the existing class room where small groups of GCSE and GCE students can work, in their sketchbooks and on the computers. We now also have an external covered area, with work benches and a sink, where students have more space to develop their artwork.


Accommodation is within a fully air-conditioned, comfortable, light spacious classroom, with acoustic panelling on the walls. In addition there are two practice rooms which are often in demand and are available for use both in class time and after school.

There is a good quality acoustic piano, as well as various electric pianos which are available for students to practise on. We currently have 8 electronic keyboards as well as a full set of boom-whacker percussion tubes. The department computer and sound equipment are used frequently for recordings of GCSE and A level compositions and performances. The Music Department Projector is used extensively with power-point presentations and for the analysis of video performances.

The school hall is used for various internal concerts and events and we maintain good relations with several public venues in Nicosia.

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