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KS3 Curriculum

The British National Curriculum is followed, in that students are expected to develop their musical skills and experiences through the three activities of

  • Listening
  • Performance
  • Composition

Students are always encouraged to aim for maximum effort. We recognise that our students have a wide variety of musical background and therefore all material is fully differentiated to enable students to make the maximum progress at all times.

Topics to be covered during 2011-2012 include:
Gamelan, Gospel & Spirituals, Samba, Graphic Scores, The Beatles, The Strauss family, Film Music, Opera as well as various theory topics

KS4 Curriculum

The current Edexcel GCSE Music Syllabus is followed by Year 10 and 11 students. Students further develop their skills in performance, composition and listening and analytical skills. Students study 12 set works from the following 4 categories: Western Classical Music, Music in the 20th Century, Popular Music in Context and World Music. By the end of year 11 students are expected to have completed a portfolio of two compositions in differing styles, and to have performed and recorded a solo and ensemble piece.

KS5 Curriculum

The current Edexcel GCE AS & A2 Music Syllabus is followed by Year 12 and 13 students respectively. Students further develop their listening and analytical skills through studying 11 or 12 set works. Students are required to aim for even higher levels of performance on their instrument or voice. Composition work follows on from progress made at GCSE level and in addition there is a requirement for a higher level of theoretical knowledge.

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