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Code Of Conduct

The staff and students of the Junior and Senior School agree that we:

  • Work to our potential and support the learning of others
  • Take responsibility for our own actions and respect others
  • Do not tolerate bullying, emotional or physical, or discriminate or intimidation against others
  • Will be as organised as possible
  • Behave with responsibility, at all times representing School with pride
  • Respect the property of others and the School’s environment
  • Dress in a manner that best represents the School
  • Will adhere to the rules and policies of the School

Home – School Agreement

The Junior and Senior School


  • provide a pleasant, safe and well-ordered environment in which students can work and achieve
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum promoting ‘learning for life’
  • provide quality learning experiences for all students and maximise opportunities for success of all kinds
  • provide regular, accurate information concerning students’ attendance and academic progress
  • provide regular opportunities for progress to be discussed and learning targets to be set as and when appropriate
  • respond constructively to parents’ and guardians’ communications and concerns
  • encourage all members of the school community to value the qualities of others and, in turn, to feel valued themselves
  • set a regular pattern of homework suited to the abilities of each student

As a Junior and Senior School student

I will:

  • follow the Code of Conduct
  • treat everyone fairly and with respect
  • work to the best of my ability, respecting the ability of others
  • work towards my personal targets, agreed with my teachers
  • develop study skills by recording and completing homework and handing it in on time
  • attend school regularly and on time
  • contribute to a pleasant working environment by being clean, tidy and litter free
  • take pride in my appearance, following our uniform requirements
  • let a member of staff or someone at home know if I have any worries
  • encourage my parents to check and sign my student planner each week
  • bring basic equipment to school every day
  • catch up with school work missed due to absence or participating in extra activities

As a parent (or guardian) of a student at the Junior and Senior School

I will:

  • respond to the School’s requests to support my child’s education and attend Parent Consultation Days
  • arrange appointments with teachers if I have concerns about my child
  • check homework and sign my child’s planner each week and support and encourage learning at home
  • support the Junior and Senior School staff and adhere to the School’s policies and the Code of Conduct
  • ensure my child arrives on time, appropriately dressed and properly equipped for the day’s activities
  • ensure my child attends School regularly (providing a note of explanation if my child is absent)
  • inform the Junior and Senior School of any change of personal details or circumstances that may affect my child’s education
  • ensure dental and medical appointments are out of school hours and avoid family holidays in term times.
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