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The Faculty finds frequent opportunities to relate its subjects to the ‘real world’ and takes students out to visit local companies such as Pizza Hut to bring the world of business alive. An annual Trip to the Santa Marina Centre in Limassol emphasizes the importance of working as a team in Business.

As part of the Travel and Tourism A Level course students have to plan, organize and run a tourist trip for their peers. In recent years the department has run trips to Barcelona and Vienna and plans to organize a joint trip with the History Department to Berlin in the future.

On Tuesday 13th December all Year 11 Business Studies and Economics students visited the Carlsberg Factory. This trip was very informative on the ways Carlsberg ensure all their products are of high quality. When we arrived at the Carlsberg Brewery we were greeted by the production manager who talked to us about what is involved in the production of beer. He went through the different stages the beer goes through from being malt till the end when it’s bottled. Then the quality control manager talked to us about what procedures the factory goes through in order to ensure high quality products. He then told us that the beer is checked on the quality at every stage of the production process from raw materials till the end product. Afterwards we were given the chance to watch the bottling process which involved cleaning and sterilizing the bottle, filling the bottles then putting a cap on the bottles which all happens in high speed of 30,000 bottles per 4 hours. Overall this trip helped us apply what we learn in the classroom to a real-life company such as Carlsberg.
Jordan Georgiou Y11

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The Business Faculty trip to Limassol (27/05/16)

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Business Faculty and Humanities Department London Trip in March 2016

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The Business Faculty London Trip in February 2015 




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