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Humanities Resources

Geography Textbooks

  • Year 7: Geog.1 3rd Edition by Rosemarie Gallagher, Richard Parish & Janet Williamson
  • Year 8: Geog.2 3rd Edition by David Waugh and Tony Bushell
  • Year 9: Geog.3, 3rd Edition by Rosemarie Gallagher and Richard Parish

In addition classrooms contain atlases for student use.

History Textbooks

  • Year 7:
    • ‘Roman Empire’ by Nigel Kelly, Rosemary Rees and Jane Shuter
    • ‘Medieval Realms’ by Colin Shepherd and Alan Large
  • Year 8:
    • ‘The Making of the United Kingdom’ by Nigel Kelly, Rosemary Rees, Jane Shuter
    • ‘Into the Twentieth Century’ by Judith Kidd, Rosemary Rees and Ruth Tudor
  • Year 9:
    • ‘Into the 20th Century’ by Judith Kidd, Rosemary Rees and Ruth Tudor
    • ‘The First World War’ Cambridge Publications

RE Textbooks

English RE

  • Year 7:
    • ‘Living Faiths Judaism’
    • ‘Living Faiths Hinduism’
  • Year 8:
    • ‘Living Faiths Sikhism’
    • ‘Living Faiths Islam’
  • Year 9:
    • ‘Living Faiths Christianity’
    • ‘Living Faiths Buddhism’


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it